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Activated Sludge

What's the principle behind activated sludge? Which parameters are pertinent to its use?


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Master the issues related to activated sludge

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What you will learn

The principle behind activated sludge, as well as parameters pertinent to its use, are explained in order to understand the carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus treatment processes. The characteristics of the aeration and mixing equipment are also detailed. Lastly, the secondary clarifier is discussed, together with its functions and good operating practices.

Educational Objectives

To characterise the different types of activated sludge

To know the reactions that occur during the nitrogen and nitrate treatment processes

To know the principle behind decantation, as well as the composition of activated sludge

Target Skills

  • To operate a wastewater treatment plant

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Course program:
Activated Sludge

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Initial Evaluation

28 questions to find out what you already know about activated sludge. Focus on the key points!

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Module 1 – Activated Sludge Processes
  • Characteristics of Activated Sludge
  • Types of Activated Sludge
  • Extended Aeration
  • Discharge Limits for Treatment Plants
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Module 2 – Basics about Aerobic Biological Treatment
  • Nitrification
  • Denitrification
  • Equipment Used for Removing Nitrogen
  • Equipment for Aeration and Mixing
  • Aerator Efficiency
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Module 3 – Secondary Clarifiers
  • The Functions of a Secondary Clarifier
  • Equipment Used with a Secondary Clarifier
  • Managing a Clarifier’s Hydraulic Capacity
  • Sizing a Secondary Clarifier — Theory
  • Sizing a Secondary Clarifier — Application
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Final Evaluation

Find out what you know about activated sludge.

Target Audience

Technicians, Managers




Basic Knowledge about the Functioning of a Wastewater Treatment Plant
Basic Knowledge about Chemistry and Bacteriology




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Frequently Asked Questions - Activated Sludge

How does evaluation work?

There are two evaluations—an initial evaluation to determine your educational needs and a final test to see what you’ve learned. The two evaluations contain the same questions in order to measure your progress after taking the course.

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