E-learning platform - Discover the first online training platform
for professionals in the water sector

Build your own programme and learn at your own pace

You are a…

Learn technical knowledge
according to your needs

Benefit from the flexibility of e-learning

Learn when and where you want — access our courses from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Need to take a break? Pick up later where you left off.

Solidify your knowledge over time

Need a reminder? You can access our courses for 12 months. Watch our videos and evaluate your knowledge as many times as you want.

Track your progress step by step

Do an assessment to know what you need to focus on. On finishing a course, do another assessment to see how far you’ve come.

Oversee the professional development of your team
and track their progress

Training that adapts to your schedule

With short videos, your team can learn at their convenience — during dedicated time slots, while coming back from a site or if there’s unforeseen circumstances

Ensure continued improvement

Need a reminder? Our videos, interactive tests and other resources are available to your staff’s personal accounts for 12 months.

Track everyeone’s progress

Assign courses individually or to groups and oversee their progress from your control panel — assessment results, completion rates, learning times and more.

How does it work?

Online learning with Watura is...


A pre-training test to evaluate your base knowledge

This initial assessment allows you to determine the topics that you need to work on. Your course will be personalised with the information that is pertinent to you.

Between 5 to 15 educational videos that simplify the learning process

Each video is centred on a key topic and lasts between 3 to 5 minutes. They’re followed by 3 practice questions that help you self-evaluate.

A downloadable, illustrated cheat sheet

to keep the important points in mind — definitions, reference values, diagrams and more

A final assessment to see what you’ve learnt

Track your progress during your course and receive a certificate at the end!

Professional development courses for the water sector, for everyone

3 levels for different profiles : beginner, intermediate and advanced

An easy to use platform

No downloads or installation necessary! Log in to your account to acess your courses from your computer, tablet or smartphone!

Track your progress step by step

Access your assigned, in progress and passed courses from your account at any time.

Find the course that's suited to you

Search our entire online library to find the course or video which best fits your needs

Managers : oversee your team's courses with a dedicated dashboard

Recommend courses, track your team’s progress and download a report summarising the work your team has done.

Take a tour of our platform!

Accessing our e-learning platform

Get unlimited access to all our training courses

Our courses are available through a yearly subscription on an individual basis. You can access all our content about drinking water production, sanitation, rainwater management and transferable skills as often as you want.

We also offer group packages!

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