Through our unique pedagogical approach, we provide high-quality educational content to advance your project.

We create custom learning programmes to best suit your needs

Our educational and water sector experts will guide you in your project. They will support you, from conception of your ideal digital learning strategy through to implementation with your team.

And thanks to our optimized content creation process, your teams will digest high-quality tutorials and educational content in a time-efficient manner!

studio de tournage Watura pour tutoriel et formation
exemples de lms pour intégration de contenus pédagogiques watura

We help you implement your LMS solution

Do you already have a LMS (Learning Management System) and you’re looking for content?
Are you searching for the right training solution for your employees?
Whatever your project, we can support you in the implementation of your digital learning infrastructure.
Our motto: stay focused on the learner’s needs.

Our expertise



Step by step, we collaborate with you to define a plan and build a storyboard for each of your learning modules.


Script writing

Then, our technical editors translate your knowledge into video capsules and educational resources.


Shooting & editing

In our studio, we create your setting and film your educational content, with professional interpreters.


LMS Integration

Finally, we integrate the training modules into your LMS or the solution that best fits your future challenges.

Case studies

Theoretical learning modules


Highlight the knowledge of your experts to create customized learning courses for your employees and customers.

Practical learning modules


Turn your customers into experts of your products! Use video to easily describe the necessary equipment, the precautions to take, and the steps to follow for each of your processes.

Product tutorials


Discover Sainte-Lizaigne’s products, a specialist in solutions for the distribution of drinking water, thanks to their tutorials.

Need custom digital learning content?